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  • Geoff Mauldin
    General Manager

    Geoff has dedicated 31 years to the car business. Helping people get new cars and helping his staff grow in the industry is what he loves most about the car business. He enjoys hanging out with his family and playing golf. Fun fact about Geoff is, he rides a motorcycle that is older than most of his staff! 

  • Tommy Preciado
    General Sales Manager

    Tommy has spent 16 dedicated years in the car business, and he enjoys watching his customers dreams come true. He loves sports, and grilling on his days off. 

  • Maria Garza
    BDC Director

    Maria has spent 7 years in the car business, she loves her career in the car business and helping customers find their dream car. On her days off she plays tennis and collects Funko Pops and coffee mugs! 

  • Jonathon Garcia
    Finance Manager

  • Vanessa Munguia
    Service Advisor