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Luxury Vehicle - Volvo of Edinburg - Edinburg, TX 

Buying a new car, truck, or SUV is a big occasion in your life. Most people drive mass market cars, but if you can afford it, you should drive a luxury car or SUV - and we have many of them at Volvo of Edinburg. Here are a few reasons to consider buying a luxury vehicle for your next car or SUV.

Leading safety

Luxury models - and Volvo vehicles especially - pave the way in terms of advanced safety technologies. The safety technologies that you expect on most vehicles today have been around on luxury vehicles for much longer, and today's luxury vehicles are exploring even newer and more exciting safety features. In fact, Volvo promises that by 2020, no one will be killed or seriously injured in one of its vehicles.

Other technology

Luxury vehicles also have the most advanced entertainment technology, from infotainment systems to premium audio systems. On top of that, luxury carmakers like Volvo are the leading innovators of new convenience and comfort technologies, which is especially important on longer drives.

High quality

Luxury vehicles may cost more, but they are built with the industry's most premium materials, making them more durable inside and out. Leather seating surfaces, chrome trim, and durable materials are just some of the hallmarks of luxury models.


The maintenance experience at Volvo of Edinburg and other luxury dealerships is unsurpassed. Our technicians are highly trained to keep up with all routine Volvo maintenance, and our service bay is designed for your comfort while you wait.

If you frequently take clients out for meals or find yourself in the dating scene, there's no better way to leave a positive first impression than with a new luxury Volvo car or SUV from Volvo of Edinburg.


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