Keep Safety "Top-of-Mind" By Exploring the Volvo XC90's Advanced Features

The Volvo XC90 is a popular compact luxury SUV with an array of advanced safety features. With automatic collision braking, a blind-spot information system and city safety collision advanced technology, the XC90 gives you peace of mind when you are trying to get to your next destination safely.

To help you reduce the risk of more damage after an accident, the Volvo XC90 features automatic braking after a collision. When airbags are activated, the XC90 will automatically start braking to help you avoid further harm or any injuries to pedestrians. This luxury SUV also comes standard with city safety collision avoidance technology. The system helps prevent low-speed collisions by automatically applying the brakes in slow-moving traffic. If you are actively steering the car or applying the brakes, the system will not engage.

Learn how you can keep yourself and your passengers safe when you test drive a Volvo XC90 at Volvo Cars Edinburg.

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