Show a Little Love to Your Vehicle's Exterior

At Volvo Cars Edinburg, we want every mile you drive in your vehicle in Edinburg, TX to be a chance to show off your vehicle's stunning exterior to all who pass by. If you have a scratch in your vehicle's paint, though, this becomes quite difficult to do. To help restore that showroom appearance, then, here is a basic explanation of how to apply touch-up paint.

For deeper scratches that have had a chance to penetrate to bare metal, you'll want to make sure you remove all rust before you do anything else. Rust and paint don't mix, meaning you could end up with a messy and lackluster job if you don't remove the rust. Sanding is the next step in this procedure. Light pressure and a steady hand are key to ensure you don't remove paint from around the scratch since all you need to do is texturize the surface a bit. After applying primer and allowing it to dry, you can then apply the touch-up paint and once again conquer the highway with confidence.

The superb service department at our dealership can help you with a variety of vehicle maintenance needs. Keep your vehicle running as good as it looks, then, and stop by today.

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