The popular Volvo S60 is a luxury compact sedan. It has many great features along with its sporty appearance.

Equipped with numerous options for both audio and technology, the Volvo S60 provides up-to-date options for both of these. It is equipped with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so you are able to have the proper connectivity for all of your devices. This also gives you access to the Volvo On Call and allows for your Smartphone to integrate into the system correctly.

The Volvo S60 also provides various technology systems that aid in keeping your ride much safer. There is a Rear Park Assist Camera that makes it much safer to park. You are able to clearly see what is behind you when you back up, therefore keeping yourself from possibly hitting something that might be in your path.

When looking for a luxury Sports Sedan, the Volvo S60 might be a good option to look at. Take one for a test drive today and find out.

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