Compact SUVs like the Volvo XC60 are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to drive around Edinburg, TX and they have enough practicality to fit all of your cargo. Volvo allows you to customize your XC60 to make it into any type of compact luxury SUV you want, even a performance-oriented one.

If you are seeking performance in the Volvo XC60, your best bet it getting it with either the R-Spec trim or the Polestar trim. The R-Spec allows you to get the sporty appearance and you can pick which powertrain works best for you. The Polestar Engineered powertrain gives you all of the sportiest options along with a tuned hybrid powertrain that can't be had on any other model.

Here at Volvo Cars Edinburg, we know that it can be difficult to pick which performance options are best for you. We recommend taking them both out for a test drive to see which one you like more.

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