Individuals who appreciate the benefits that full-size luxury SUVs bring to the table will certainly enjoy the many fine features of the new Volvo XC90. This popular and stylish full-size SUV goes the extra mile to cater to the needs and wants of both passengers and drivers. Examples of this devotion to occupant comfort include full-spectrum climate control coverage as well as innovative seating arrangements.

Some SUVs keep front end passengers cool while leaving rear passengers to bake. Unlike such vehicles, the new Volvo XC90 includes a 4-zone climate control system in its feature package. Controlled through an easy to use touchscreen, this popular feature creates four separate climate zones. To make things even better, the XC90 also includes a cooled glove box that occupants can use to carry food, drinks, or other sensitive items

The Volvo XC90 seating arrangements are designed to give passengers more room and comfort than before. This iconic vehicle includes room for up to seven passengers in three separate rows. The third row can accommodate two adult passengers, while the second row offers reclining and sliding seats that come in handy during long journeys.

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