Drive Safer in the Volvo XC60

If safety is one of your main concerns while driving in Edinburg, TX, you can rest assured that the Volvo XC60 will give you the added protection that you deserve. Here at Volvo Cars Edinburg, we offer this popular luxury compact SUV that includes features to help ensure maximum safety while on the road.

One of the Volvo XC60’s best safety features is the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). With a warning light in the front door post, this system works by notifying you of any vehicles that are in your left or right blind spots. This system provides an additional safety component to checking your side mirrors and turning your head.

When you go for your test drive, you’ll also be able to try out the Lane Keeping Aid. This feature helps prevent single-vehicle road departures by using a digital camera to monitor the lane markers and keep the SUV from swerving out of its lane. If you drive too close to a lane marker, the Lane Keeping Aid will automatically activate to steer the vehicle all the way back into your lane in the gentlest way possible.

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