Safety Features of the Volvo S60

Sleek and sporty, with plenty of power under the hood, the Volvo S60 is a popular luxury compact sedan that enjoys the benefit of decades of Volvo innovation. From its stellar performance on the highway to its luxury cabin and range of safety features, it's a car to excite any driver.

While the S60 is designed with passive safety features, there are also plenty of active measures to keep driver and passengers safe. In the event of a collision, the S60 automatically brakes, slowing the car to prevent further damage. Using onboard cameras and radar technology, it constantly scans for traffic both in front and behind, alerting the driver when it deems nearby vehicles are too close.

If your car unexpectedly veers into another lane due to driver fatigue or other factors, the S60 will automatically steer it back into its original lane while sounding an alert. If you'd like to take a test drive of the Volvo S60, stop by Volvo Cars Edinburg in Edinburg, TX.

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