Choose the Option That Fits Your Situation for a Lower Payment

Have you've been thinking about refinancing your car loan or trading in your car? We want to help you understand the process so that you're well-prepared.

If you decide to refinance your car, you could lower your monthly payment. However, it's important to understand that your car needs to be in good condition to qualify for a refinanced loan. If your car is worn, damaged or it has very little value, there is less chance of getting it refinanced. On the other hand, choosing to trade in your car gives you the possibilities of taking advantage of dealer incentives, manufacturer incentives, and rebates, as well as a lower loan rate. However, if the car has little value, you may need to add the loan balance to the new loan.

Both of these options are great for lowering your monthly payment! And Volvo Cars Edinburg in Edinburg, TX can help with the financing! Contact us soon!

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