Why Do You Need to Check the Belts and Hoses on Your Car?

Not everyone knows what's going on under the hood of a car. But, because timing belts, drive belts, and hoses tend to dry out and crack over time, it's important to have your mechanic check them periodically. In the meantime, if things go wrong before the vehicle's next check-up, being aware of some of the warning signals can help you avoid serious problems.

If your engine begins backfiring or stalling often, it could mean that your timing belt needs replacing. Serpentine belt problems could mean that the engine overheats, messes up the charging systems, or you could even lose your power steering.

If you hear squealing noises or notice slippage, get it checked immediately. Because coolant hoses dry out over time, they can crack easily. This could result in leaking fluid, which you may see on the ground where your car is parked.

You can trust our professionals at Volvo Cars Edinburg, in Edinburg, TX to make sure all your belts and hoses are in top condition, so stop by and see us.

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