What is the Meaning of the Information on the Side of the Tire?

You may feel like there’s too much information on the side of a tire to ever remember. With a little explanation, however, you will be equipped with the necessary information you need to choose the right tire.

The strand of abbreviations usually begins with a letter, which tells you the type of vehicle it is appropriate for. A “P” indicates the tire is suitable for a passenger vehicle. That’s followed by a three-digit number that means the tire’s width in mm. A slash and a two-digit number follow. The number is the wheel’s height to width ratio. So, a 75 represents the height is 75% of the width. Another letter after that lets you know the type of tire. An “R,” for example, indicates that it’s a radial. The last two-digit number is the wheel’s diameter. If it’s a 17, then you need a 17-inch wheel.

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