LED Lighting on the Volvo V90

While most people in Edinburg pay attention to big exterior features when they're shopping for a new vehicle, smaller details are just as important. The new Volvo V90 is available at Volvo Cars Edinburg. The popular luxury wagon features a unique lighting system that's as functional as it is beautiful.

On the front of the vehicle features angular headlights. The lights are subtle and perfectly complement the aggressive chrome grille. While they may look simple, they're hiding some great technology. LED daytime running lights are used. Multiple bulbs create a ribbon of light that can be seen in virtually any lighting condition. The ribbon is seamlessly integrated into the housing for a cohesive look.

The back features LED technology as well. However, the design of the taillights is meant to stand out. A ribbon of red LED bulbs curves around the liftgate and up the rear windshield. The light is quite large to ensure that you are seen.

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