Visually Check Your Tires

Did you know that if you keep your tires aligned and rotated properly, you can even save money? You get better gas mileage and your tires will last a lot longer when you take the time to inspect and if necessary-correct the issues with your tires. Tires need to be inflated to the right psi and they even lose at least one psi every month-and that adds yup. Temperature can affect the air in your tires too-causing it to decrease and expand. If your car has a tire sensor on the dash-it can be really handy, but it won't tell you about the other important tire "things." Like tread-only a visual check can determine if you need to get new tires or if your need an alignment. If the tread is more worn on the inside part of you tire or more on the outside, then you need an alignment.
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